Cybercrime Doesn’t


Cyber threats can come from anywhere – phishing emails, ransomware, malware, viruses – and are all aimed at pirating your sensitive data.

The level of cybercrime out there has increased exponentially, and cyber threats come from all directions if your network has inadequate protection.

From email inboxes and laptops to networks and servers, cybercriminals constantly get better at their attacks. Every business is at risk. Last year alone, global data breaches cost almost $4 million. Some companies lost everything.

At Simplified IT Solutions, we don’t want you to become a statistic. Our managed IT services team will send out our experts to assess your servers and network system, find and evaluate the risks and lay out a strategic plan for fixing the weakest links.

Benefits of Our

Cyber Security Solutions

The Strongest Security for Today’s Toughest Cyber Threats

With the rate that cybercriminals adapt their skills and create new threats, you need someone just as savvy and tough to guard your data. Our expert team at Simplified IT Solutions is your best watchdog – we monitor, isolate and eliminate even the most complicated of cyber threats before they get a chance to slip in unnoticed, stealing your data.

Tough Protection and Cost Control Go Hand in Hand

Our flat rate IT support maintenance and on-demand technical support means you get 24/7 security and peace of mind without breaking the bank. Our plans are tailor-made for your individual needs, and you can feel confident that your data is protected at all times and within your budget.

Be Proactive Instead of Panicked

Ever have to scramble to find a disaster plan after the damage has already been done? At Simplified IT Solutions, we are your disaster plan, only we won’t let the unthinkable happen. With our critical server and network health and maintenance, and 24/7 monitoring, you’ll never have to panic again over a data breach.

Your Security – Our Top Priority

As your partner against cyber threats, protecting you and your information is priority number one. We will guard against the hackers and their tools, block the spam, filter out the viruses and provide security patch management. Proactive, tough and reliable. We’re your partner at Simplified IT Solutions – what could be simpler?

Do You Know What Your Risk Level Is?

The expert IT support team will come onsite, perform a detailed risk assessment of your network and servers, and then draw up a customized strategy to prevent your data from ever being compromised. The best weapon against cybercrime is a fail-proof plan. We’ve got you covered.

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