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At Simplified IT Solutions, our drive is to align your business needs and goals through managed IT services and support that will help you remain cutting-edge competitive in your industry. We want to partner with you and help you grow and engage new business opportunities. With our IT support, we can manage your biggest technology issues to boost performance, relieve production bottlenecks and provide new ways to get your work done.

Managed IT Services

As your partner, we conduct a full analysis of your network’s configuration and setup and develop a strategic plan customized for your needs. Standardized IT support, proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance means an increased business advantage and agility for you. Think about how much more your staff could produce with no network downtime and increased system reliability. Combine that with our IT cost predictability and you’ve got peace of mind and a worry-free tech setup.

Cloud Managed Services

Eliminate the need for costly servers and hardware and the maintenance that goes with them by moving your data to the cloud. Virtualization is the new business standard for good reason – faster server response, security for your data and increased system performance. Your staff can collaborate faster, communicate more effectively and access their data instantly. We handle password management for all of your users, provide service request ticket portal access, remote monitoring portal access and remote data backup.

Cyber Security Services

Simplified IT Solutions puts your business’s security as priority number one. We’ll watch your network 24/7 and keep your data safe from cybercrime. The level of cybercrime out there has increased exponentially, and cyber threats come from all directions if your network has inadequate protection. Phishing emails, ransomware, malware, viruses – cybercrime does not discriminate. Every business is at risk. In 2017, global data breaches cost nearly $4 million. Some companies lost everything. We’ll assess your risk, perform a vulnerability assessment and fix your weak points, all while you go about the day’s business. At Simplified IT Solutions, we’ve got you covered 24/7.

Our IT Support Helps Drive Business Growth

Managed IT is smarter IT, and that’s better business. Out team has deep IT expertise, experience and skills to handle any tech issue that crops up. Our Virtual CIOs provide you with business-savvy IT advice so that you can make better decisions and have the flexibility of solid choices to adapt to your industry’s change and evolution. That’s why we consider ourselves your partner instead of just another vendor – we give you the tools to drive business growth and celebrate your success.

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