Your Business May be Small,

but Your IT Service Needs

are Still Mighty

Is your IT being handled by someone with many other responsibilities?

Companies that rely on smaller staffs also rely on those employees to wear multiple hats. Small business owners and their employees are experts in their chosen niche. But while you may be well-versed in your industry, how much do you know about your IT needs?

Simplified IT Solutions understands that small businesses face unique tech challenges: strained budgets, reduced (or nonexistent) IT staff, outdated hardware and no disaster contingency plan. Our expert IT team will assess your servers and network and come up with a strategic plan that includes scalability for your future growth. We partner with you and monitor all aspects of your server environment 24/7 to maximize performance and eliminate downtime, and will guard your data against breaches and cyber attacks.

Benefits of

Small Business IT Support

Unbreakable security for your data
Increased scalability and network performance
Cost-effective customizable IT services
Eliminates downtime and boost productivity
24/7 expert IT support
Rapid response to high-priority IT issues

Other Industries

We Serve
Construction IT Services

You have enough to juggle with multiple projects running at once, and Simplified IT Solutions is the perfect partner to take on your construction IT services.

Manufacturing IT Services

Our expert IT team has the right mix of expertise and flexibility to handle your hardware, software, data, servers and network to keep your assembly line up and running.

Accounting & Financial IT Services

You need a managed IT services provider with the right expertise to handle your infrastructure, servers and network. At Simplified IT Solutions, we’re your 24/7 partner and security watchdog.

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