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IT Profile of Your Organization

Financial service organizations, from retail banking and investment advisory companies to the biggest CPA firms, face complicated challenges when it comes to managed IT services.

The volume and velocity of the data alone demands no-fail IT support and impenetrable security. And backing up all that data requires a special skill level that can handle the level of scalability and performance that few other industries need.

Federal regulatory compliance requirements – especially SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002)are always top priority with IT services for the financial industry. One data breach will not only destroy your reputation but may tank your business after fees and fines are levied.

You need a managed IT services provider with the right expertise to handle your infrastructure, servers and network. At Simplified IT Solutions, we’re your 24/7 partner and security watchdog. We have the committed, experienced expertise to not only meet and exceed your unique IT demands, but we keep your compliance in check so you don’t have to. You handle the money, we’ll take on the tech.

Benefits of

IT Services for the Financial Industry

Bulletproof security for your data
Increased scalability and network performance
Worry-free federal regulatory compliance
Predictable monthly cost
24/7 expert IT support
Rapid response to high-priority IT issues

Other Industries

We Serve
Construction IT Services

You have enough to juggle with multiple projects running at once, and Simplified IT Solutions is the perfect partner to take on your construction IT services.

Manufacturing IT Services

Our expert IT team has the right mix of expertise and flexibility to handle your hardware, software, data, servers and network to keep your assembly line up and running.

Small Business IT Services

Our expert IT team will assess your servers and network and come up with a strategic plan that includes scalability for your future growth.

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