You Handle the Brick and

Mortar, We’ll Take Care

of Your IT Services

Construction firms undoubtedly have more specialized IT support needs than the average business does.

Let’s face it – your office is whatever worksite your feet land on. That means you not only need immediate and sharable access to all your important documents – like blueprints, contracts or inspection reports – but you need server and network systems that won’t fail you.

You have enough to juggle with multiple projects running at once, and Simplified IT Solutions is the perfect partner to take on your construction IT services. We’ll secure your data, keep you compliant, provide you with true 24/7 help desk support and ensure all of your applications are integrated seamlessly so that your team can get back to building.

Benefits of

Construction IT Services

Impenetrable security for your data
Immediate access to sharable documents
Stay compliant with all regulations
Seamless application integration
24/7 IT support
Fast delivery of IT solutions

Other Industries

We Serve
Accounting & Financial IT Services

You need a managed IT services provider with the right expertise to handle your infrastructure, servers and network. At Simplified IT Solutions, we’re your 24/7 partner and security watchdog.

Manufacturing IT Services

Our expert IT team has the right mix of expertise and flexibility to handle your hardware, software, data, servers and network to keep your assembly line up and running.

Small Business IT Services

Our expert IT team will assess your servers and network and come up with a strategic plan that includes scalability for your future growth.

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